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Tommy, the naughty boy kitty, also one of the most loving cats I've ever had. He is totally jet propelled during his waking hours.  He has just two gears: scamper or full-tilt-boogie. I love to watch him scamper because he kicks up his heels with total glee at each stride.

 Recently I went away for the weekend.  I don't travel much, so the cats are not very accustomed for me to be away from home for more than 6-8 hours at a time.

When I came home from this trip, I picked up each cat to give them their maternal hug. Tommy lay in my arms and he gently but firmly reached up both front paws and held my face with a paw on each of my cheeks as he gazed directly into my eyes. 

When our visual contact was complete, he rubbed a "welcome back" kiss on my nose with his nose.  He is a wild man, but a dear sweet loving one.
His sister, Bodie (not real sibs, but same ages), is similarly affectionate all the time. Moments like the one with Tommy happen almost daily. Whenever I sit down, she is always right next to me and whenever I get up out of a chair, I have to peel her away from my lap or thighs before I can stand up.  She is a shy cautious kittie who sticks to you like glue once she learns trust.






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