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I first laid eyes on Carmella in June, 2010.   She had been abandoned at a local animal shelter along with her 8 puppies.  Her puppies were sent to Colorado for adoption, but Carmella was scheduled for euthanasia.  She was literally a walking skeleton, had a dislocated hip and part of her one ear was torn off.  When she arrived at my house, she was very depressed and hung her head and refused treats.  This went on for 3 days.  On the 4th day, her head lifted and she took a treat and started eating.  Her tail began to wag and I believe she realized she was safe.

 It took months of good nutrition before she could be spayed and her hip problem diagnosed.  Carmella had hip surgery and had a one month recovery.  She finally realized that she could walk on all fours!!!  After her surgery, she blossomed.  She was such a happy dog and always had a toy or bone in her mouth.  She even has a small plastic swimming pool - she loves the water. 

I was determined to find the perfect home for Carmella and I must say I was getting discouraged as no one was the right fit for her.  Then, in December, Carmella's new mom spotted her and it was love at first sight!  I was elated and held my breath as she still had to pass the test - there were 2 cats living in the house.  She passed with flying colors and she is in her new loving home.  I could not have hand picked the new owner any better. 

Claire Leonard, PAWS Board




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